Uwajimaya is a Japanese based store that contains all of your Asian food needs. There is even a small gift shop inside (in the back). In the gift shop there are many books, t-shirts and other accessories available for sale.

Store Hours:

Monday~Saturday: 8am-10pm

Sunday: 9am-9pm

There, you can find addresses, phone numbers, store hours,To find a location near you, you can visit http://www.uwajimaya.com/locations.html


Thanh Thao Market

This little market is perfect for any of your asian cooking. And it’s right close to a busy street for easy access.

“I love this market! It suits all of my needs. If I feel like cooking up some fresh spring rolls, Chinese sticky rice, Thai red curry, or Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce, I can find all of my goods here for a reasonable price. Also, they have delicious fresh fruit and a hot deli and desserts that I love to get when I can’t go home across the country for my parents’ cooking. So good!!”

6517 Ne Sandy Boulevard
Portland, OR
(503) 284-4129

Tin Seng Market

One of the few Chinese supermarket within our area is Tin Seng, a small grocery market run by a Chinese family. Although it’s not very big, they do tend to carry a lot of necessary items for this developing area of Southeast Portland. Prices are good comparing to other markets. There you can find a variety of Chinese green vegetables like wintermelon, Chinese mastard greens, choy sum, bok choy, etc.


8350 SE Division St
Portland, OR 97266
Neighborhood: Southeast Portland

(503) 777-8203


安東超市是以中國和越南品種的雜貨店。 是由中國越南華僑家庭運行;播發傳統的中國民間歌曲,大多數是顧客都是亞洲人。位于Powell Blvd 東南區55街, 雜貨店門口有9號公交車站。 走路,騎自行車,坐公交車和開車都很方便。


5441 Southeast Powell Boulevard
Portland, OR 97206-2953
(503) 777-2463

Chang Fa Market

Comparing to most Asian markets in the area, Chang Fa Market is considered fairly new to the neighborhood although it has opened for almost two years. The market is located right next to Tinseng so if item is run out at that location, it’s convenient to have Chang Fa as a backup or the other way around. Also a family owned business, they offer fresh vegetables, alive seafoods, herb, and spices and many more.


8310 SE Division St.
Portland, OR 97266
Neighborhood: Southeast Portland

(503) 788-8882

Fubonn Supermarket

Giant Asian supermarket with deli-style takeout, exotic fruits and vegetables, live seafood tanks and aisles of spice mixes.

“I was after some sticky rice, a new obsession of mine, but planned to browse around after that. I went up and down each aisle, exploring and seeing all the things they had on offer. I was impressed with all of the teas, they had some interesting snacks, the sticky rice was super cheap.”

Fubonn Center


Between Division St. & Powell Blvd.
2850 SE 82nd Avenue Suite #80
Portland, OR 97266