An Xuyen Bakery

A Vietnamese and Chinese bakery located on Foster road. Makes cakes, bread, sandwiches and more! Check it out!

Wonderful Sandwiches from this hole in the wall bakery. As others have said; the Bread is the difference maker here. Crunchy and firm on the outside, but inside is somewhere you could hibernate for the winter. Can bread be cozy? I have to say yes. How lovely it must have been for that tasty grilled Pork and Chicken to be nestled inside there. But they were not alone, lest we forget the Lemongrass marinade and the Jalapeno slices, Cilantro, Cucumber, Carrots and those slivers of Radish.
What a great lunch we had. The icing on the cake of course is what we paid for each of these little gems. Can you say….. $2.99?!?! Thats right kids, three frickin dollars. How can you beat that? Easy, by picking up a couple of their Guava cookies on the way out. They will make you cackle like a kook.
Grade: A ( If only you were closer to home. Still, I know where Ill be headed to buy bread the next time Im making a meatball sub)-Drexler M.

Love it! Delish sandwiches and good coffee. Super reasonable prices and good service. Also, they give my 1 year old a free cookie everytime we go in. Nice job Foster, keepin’ it real. -Xochill S.

5345 Southeast Foster Road, Portland, OR 97206-2937

(503) 788-0866

Mei Sum Bakery

One of the popular bakeries in the 82nd/Powell/Division area aka New Chinatown, Mei Sum has served the Southeast community for quick a few years. They offered a variety of typical pastries like sponge cake, bbq bow, egg custard, moon cake, and much more. The shop is located in one of the unit in the Powell Station Plaza. Nice parking lot but watch for car exiting and entering the plaza crossing as you make your watch to the shop.

Also they have received good reviews and comments from regular customers.

“The service is kind and quick, there’s a book with styles of cakes you can order from. 8″ round cake cost $15, 10” round cake cost $20 – I forgot the rest, but it’s $4 more if you want them to create a creature on the cake (although it’s on the picture itself as a “style” to choose from) – so that extra cost is like a ninja when you ask.” -Jessica N.

“I trust my ABC palate, and so do my folks (one from Canton, one from Hong Kong)…they love it too. I even hosted a very fun, food-filled baby shower for a Caucasian friend at my house, and bought all of the sweets from this bakery, and never heard the end of it… how good the sponge cakes were, the pastries, etc.” -Jana S.


8001 SE Powell Blvd Suite N

Portland, OR 97206
Neighborhood: Southeast Portland
(503) 777-3391

King's Bakery

King’s Bakery is not too far from our location. It’s situated across the street from PCC Southeast Center. There you will find many good tasting pastries and a place for the Chinese elderly folks to play Chinese chess of some sort. It may seem like they don’t have many parking spaces available but their main parking lot is located in the back.

2346 SE 82nd Ave
Portland, OR 97216
Neighborhood: Southeast Portland
(503) 772-0955

Meianna Bakery

If you know where Fubonn is then you gotta stop by Meianna Bakery, a little shop that offers french style bakeries as well as Chinese varieties of goodies. They are the only bakery so far who packaged  each bake good in a plastic sack which gives a feel of elegance. Here you can find cakes ranging from coffee tiramisu cakes to typical chinese style cakes. If you don’t want to order a whole cake, you can buy by the piece.

Fubonn Shopping Center
2850 SE 82nd Avenue Suite #80
Portland, OR 97266
Neighborhood: Southeast Portland

(503) 788-7968

Gary's Bakery

Gary’s Bakery is also located within walking distance from our office.  The shop makes great swirly sponge cake available in loaves or slices. They have some fine dining tables that you could sit down and enjoy your pastries with your family and friends.


8615 SE Division St
Portland, OR 97266
Neighborhood: Southeast Portland

(503) 954-2883