Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (CCBA)

The CCBA offers a Chinese Language School. They offer classes in Mandarin and Cantonese, from beginning levels to advanced levels.

At school, you will learn to listen, speak, write and read Chinese, reading and writing are available in simplified and traditional characters.

School Address:  317 NW Davis Street Portland OR 97209

Phone: 503-223-9070     E-mail:

School website:

CCBA website:

The CCBA is a non-profit organization and depends upon donations from the public to maintain its operation and various activities.

The CCBA will continue to fulfill its mission and strengthen ties within the Chinese community and with the community at large. By promoting education, cultural appreciation, mutual respect, and understanding, the CCBA works toward these communities common goal of improving the society that we share. -CCBA

The International School

What is full language immersion?

“Full immersion” is a way of teaching language by completely immersing the learner in that language for most of each day. The learner will hear only the target language for both regular conversation (i.e. talk about getting dressed and eating meals), as well as subject matter learning (i.e. math and science). A significant body of research shows that with language immersion, young children learn their second language the same way they learned their first – by listening, absorbing, imitating, and then trying it out. The more time a child spends hearing and using the second language, the more fluent she will become.  Full immersion is in contrast to “partial immersion”  programs where half the day is taught in English and students achieve a lower level of language proficiency. The International School teaches a full immersion program.

Mailing address & main campus:
025 SW Sherman Street
Portland, Oregon 97201-5120
phone: 503-226-2496; fax: 503-525-0142

For more information about The International School, please visit their website below:

Cleveland High School

3400 SE 26TH
Portland, OR 97202

Phone: 503-916-5120
Fax: 503-916-2692

For more information, please visit the school’s website below:

Cleveland High School is well known for its International Baccalaureate (IB) program, as it is one out of only two IB schools in the Portland School District. Now, I bet you’re wondering what the difference between AP (Advanced Placement) and IB. Well, they are almost exactly the same, except IB is more rigorous. Cleveland also has the option of working towards and receiving an IB Diploma. To do this, you must test in at least 6 subjects (outside of school), and do a total of 150 hours of CAS (creative, active, service). Other than this, Cleveland has many other electives and programs available. There also is a dual immersion program available: Mandarin and Spanish. The feeder school is Hosford Middle School.

Special programs and features

  • International Baccalaureate program
  • Spanish and Mandarin Chinese Immersion programs
  • A quality Professional/Technical Education DepartmentBusiness Magnet program
  • A community-service-oriented National Honor Society
  • Cooperative in-house coursework with Portland State University, Portland Community College and Reed College
  • Cleveland High School Athletic Hall of Fame
  • Regional Program for the Hearing Impaired
  • Student-Based Health Center
  • START alternative education program
  • Outstanding visual arts program, including photography, ceramics, painting and print making.
  • State Championship Choir, State Competition Jazz and Concert Band, Outstanding Theatrical Performances
  • Multi-championship Dance Team
  • Pathways Career exploration
  • A wide variety of extra-curricular clubs and activities ranging from Lacrosse to Improv.

Hosford Middle School

Grades: 6-8

2303 SE 28th Place
Portland, OR 97214

Phone: 503-916-5640
Fax: 503-916-2637

For more information, please visit the website below:
Hosford Middle School is feeded from Woodstock Elementary School. From there comes the Spanish Immersion and Mandarin Immersion students. They have started learning this second language since they were in kindergarten, which they then feed into Cleveland High School.

Some electives available are:

  • Mandarin I & II
  • Spanish I, II, III
  • Chinese Culture/Mandarin Immersion
  • Spanish Immersion Program
  • LEGO Technology
  • Computers
  • Advanced Computers
  • Technology Education
  • Band
    • Jazz
    • Beginning Band
    • Intermediate Band
    • Advanced Band
  • Orchestra/Strings
  • Art & Advanced Art
  • Ceramics

Before and After School activies include:

Boys and Girls Basketball, Homework Club, Chess Club, Skateboard Club, Yearbook Club,Jazz Band, Future Hispanic Leaders, Student Council, African Club, Debate Club.